Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Banks In Georgia No Chexsystems

Bank of CowetaChecks credit Report ( No Chexsystems )

Bank of Dudley

Colony Bank They Check Credit Report to verify identity , They have never even ran Chex systems.

First State Bank of Dalton

Gwinnett Community Bank Run Credit report, almost everyone gets accepted

HERITAGE BANK - http://the-heritage-bank.com/ Another non chex system bank

The First State Bank ( if you are on Chex systems , you must have good Credit To Get Approved )

Capital City bank


Sutphin Denae said...

then select a specific reason why you feel the information is inaccurate and Enter any additional facts that further explain your reason and click on the Submit button. visit my website

Thomas Vargo said...

Paying a account reported to ChexSystems will not guarantee that you can open another checking account. Derogatory information will remain with ChexSystems for 5 years. For those looking for banks and credit unions that either don't use or will overlook bad items on your Chexsystems report - see Second Chance Checking Accounts for a current real list of verified banks that will give you a fresh start at a new account.